Instructors Yas Yamamoto
and Steffani Tomizaki

  Tomizaki's Champions Kung Fu Institute

Steffani Tomizaki
5th degree black belt

Steffani Tomizaki started kung fu in 2000, after an attempted kidnapping by gunpoint. She has been training forms, weapons, sparring and shuai chiao. She started teaching kung fu in 2003.

Steffani has competed locally and Nationally in the U.S – in San Franciso, Seattle, Dallas, Oakland and Concord, where she has won 20 1st place awards in forms and weapons and has been runner-up Grand Champion twice. She has been performing since 2002, demonstrating self-defense techniques, weapons, forms and shuai chiao. She’s also performed numerous times in Brazil.

Steffani hold the rank of "Professor" with the International Traditional Kung Fu Association.

Besides teaching kung fu, Steffani also teaches Tomizaki’s “Trim, Tone & Strengthen – class” – a great cardio and strengthening class to music. She also teaches self-defense classes for women and girls.

Prior to kung fu, Steffani was active in Taiko, dance and competitive soccer.

Steffani is also very active in the community. She has been coaching youth soccer for over 10 years. She has also been volunteering her time for over 9 years in the local elementary, middle and high school, teaching PEP, Smart Start and Youth Educators. These are programs that helps educate our youth on making healthy decisions regarding alcohol, tobacco, drugs and refusal skills.

Steffani sees the numerous benefits achieved from the training at Tomizaki’s Champions Kung Fu; from increased concentration, better grades, self-confidence, self-control, respect, health, coordination and improvement in other sports & activities.